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Medical Billing and

Information Technology

Getting You Down?
The business of medicine often overwhelms the actual practice of medicine. It often makes it difficult to concentrate on the health of your patients without losing control of everyday business.
Partner with Pfenx
Partner with Pfenx Services, LLC to relieve your staff of the time consuming chore of Medical Billing and Information Technology support and to allow you and your staff to concentrate your efforts on what is really important - your patients. 
  • Phenx Services, LLC is a professional Medical Billing and IT services company for medical professionals.
  • Pfenx offers the highest level of skill and accountability for your medical practice.
  • Pfenx can work with your existing Practice Management/Medical Billing software and IT environment or provide cost-effective software/IT for your practice.
  • Pfenxs reimbursement specialists stay current with the constantly changing claim submission requirements and oversee every detail of the insurance collection and patient billing process for your practice.
  • Pfenxs IT professionals can determine, install, and support the most cost-effective Medical Billing and IT infrastructure to meet your practice needs.




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